What Do Wrinklers Do in Cookie Clicker


In Cookie Clicker, Wrinklers are cute little creatures that attach themselves to your cookies. While they’re attached, they steal a small percentage of your cookie production – but you can get them off by clicking on them. Once you’ve clicked them enough times, they’ll pop and drop a lump of cookies that’s worth more than the amount they stole from you.

So what’s the point of these Wrinklers? Well, for one thing, they’re a great way to boost your cookie production when you don’t have any active clicks going on. They also give you something to do while you’re waiting for new upgrades or buildings to become available.

And finally, popping them is just plain satisfying!

What are Wrinklers in cookie clicker?

In Cookie Clicker, Wrinklers are special little creatures that you can acquire to help you with your cookie-baking efforts. Here’s everything you need to know about them! Once you unlock the Wrinklers by purchasing the Upgrade “Grandma’s Cookies”, they will start appearing randomly on your cookie sheet.

You can then click on them to collect them, and they’ll go into a special “stash” under your cookie sheet. Up to 10 Wrinklers can be in your stash at any given time. Wrinklers provide a major boost to your cookie-baking efforts.

While they’re attached to your cookie sheet, they’ll multiply the cookies you bake! They’ll also slowly eat away at those cookies over time, but don’t worry – you’ll get those cookies back once the Wrinkler detaches itself from the sheet (usually after a few hours). If you want to get rid of a Wrinkler sooner, you can click on it and then press the “Suck” button.

This will remove the Wrinkler from your sheet and add its multiplier effect to your total for that session – meaning all future cookies baked will be worth more thanks to that one Wrinkler!

How to Start the Grandmapocalypse in Cookie Clicker

The Grandmapocalypse is an event that can happen in the Cookie Clicker game. It is a dark and sinister time, where eldritch abominations known as Grandmas rise up and attempt to take over the world. There are many ways to start the Grandmapocalypse, but only one way to stop it.

To start the Grandmapocalypse, you must first have at least seven grandmas. Once you have seven grandmas, they will begin plotting their takeover. The first thing they’ll do is bake a trillion cookies – this will cause all sorts of problems for your cookie empire.

After baking a trillion cookies, they will then try to summon an elder god known as ‘The Elder One’. If successful, The Elder One will come forth and destroy everything in its path. There is only one way to stop the Grandmapocalypse, and that is by clicking on the big red button that says ‘Stop grandma’.

This will cause all of the grandmas to be sucked into a black hole, never to be seen again. Congratulations – you have saved the world from certain destruction!

How Do You Get Wrinklers in Cookie Clicker

In Cookie Clicker, Wrinklers are special creatures that appear when you have a certain amount of cookies stored. They attach themselves to your cookie jar and start eating your cookies! However, they also give you a boost in productivity, so it’s worth having them around.

To get Wrinklers, you need to have at least 100 million cookies stored in your cookie jar. Once you reach this threshold, Wrinklers will start appearing randomly. You can also click on the “Collect all” button in the Wrinklers menu to get all of the Wrinklers that are currently on your screen.

If you want to keep a particular Wrinkler around, you can click on its image in the menu and select the “Keep” option. This will ensure that the Wrinkler doesn’t go away when it’s done eating your cookies. Wrinklers are a great way to boost your cookie production without having to clicking constantly.

So if you’re looking for a break from all the clicking, make sure to collect some Wrinklers!

Are Wrinklers Good in Cookie Clicker

Are Wrinklers Good in Cookie Clicker? We all know that cookie clicker is one of the most popular games out there. The object of the game is to bake cookies and then sell them in order to purchase upgrades.

One of the key aspects of the game are wrinklers. These are creatures that attach themselves to your cursor and provide a bonus to your cookie production. But, are they actually good for the game?

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons. PROS: -The main pro is that they provide a nice boost to cookie production.

This can be helpful when trying to get those last few cookies before an upgrade. -Wrinklers also store up extra cookies while they are attached. This can be helpful if you need a quick burst of cookies (although you do have to kill them first).

-They are also relatively easy to get rid of if you need to free up your cursor for other things. CONS: -While attached, wrinklers slow down your overall cookie production.

This can be frustrating if you’re trying to race against the clock for an achievement or upgrade. -The extra cookies they store up are only available once you’ve killed them, which can feel like a waste if you needed those cookies earlier on. -If you have too many wrinklers attached, it can become difficult to click on things properly since they’ll constantly be in the way.

What is a Wrinkler in Cookie Clicker

A Wrinkler is a type of cookie in Cookie Clicker. They are large, brown, and have wrinkles on their surface. When you click on them, they will give you extra cookies.

However, if you leave them alone for too long, they will become angry and start taking away your cookies!

How to Get Rid of Wrinklers in Cookie Clicker

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What Do Wrinklers Do in Cookie Clicker

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When Should You Pop Wrinklers in Cookie Clicker?

Assuming you have already unlocked wrinklers: The best time to pop a wrinkler is when it has reached full size and has stopped providing any bonus. This ensures that you are getting the most possible cookies from the wrinkle, and prevents any further bonuses from being lost.

Do Wrinklers Increase Cps?

Yes, wrinklers do increase your CpS (cookies per second). Wrinklers are special cookies that you can get in the game Cookie Clicker. They attach themselves to your cookie and give you a boost to your CpS.

The more wrinklers you have, the higher your CpS will be. So if you’re looking to boost your cookie production, make sure to get some wrinklers!

What Do Shiny Wrinklers Do?

In Cookie Clicker, Wrinklers are special cookies that appear when the player’s cookie bank reaches a certain amount. When clicked, they give the player extra cookies. However, if the player has too many Wrinklers, they will begin to steal cookies from the player’s cookie bank.

How Much Cps Does a Wrinkler Take?

A Wrinkler is a type of enemy in Cookie Clicker. They are dark, wrinkled creatures that slowly crawl across the screen, stealing cookies. When they are clicked, they give a small amount of CpS and then disappear.

So how much CpS does a Wrinkler take? A Wrinkler takes away 1% of your total CpS when it appears. However, this can be increased by upgrading your Wrinklers, which will make them steal more cookies.


In Cookie Clicker, Wrinklers are special creatures that appear during Grandmas’s idle mode. They offer a number of benefits, including doubling the cookies earned from clicking and providing a bonus to cookie production while they’re active. However, they also have a few drawbacks, such as slowing down your overall progress and making it harder to get achievements.

Overall, though, Wrinklers are a valuable addition to the game and can help you get ahead if used correctly.

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