What are Wrinklers in Cookie Clicker


In Cookie Clicker, Wrinklers are one of the main sources of income. They appear as small, dark creatures that crawl around the screen and steal cookies. When they are full, they will pop and release a large amount of cookies.

If you’ve ever played Cookie Clicker, you’re probably familiar with Wrinklers. For those who aren’t, Wrinklers are basically creatures that appear when you haven’t played the game in a while. They steal your cookies, but they give you a bonus when you kill them.

There are four different types of Wrinklers: Red, Brown, Blue, and Purple. Each one gives a different bonus, and they get stronger the longer you leave them alive. Red Wrinklers give a 5% bonus to cookie production.

Brown Wrinklers give a 10% bonus to cookie production. Blue Wrinklers give a 25% bonus to cookie production. Purple Wrinklers give a 50% bonus to cookie production.

So, if you’re looking to get a boost in your cookie production, don’t hesitate to let those wrinklies live!

What are Wrinklers in cookie clicker?

Should I Click Wrinklers Cookie Clicker?

If you’re wondering whether or not you should click on those little wrinkled up cookies in Cookie Clicker, the answer is a resounding yes! Here’s why: For starters, clicking on wrinklers gives you a massive boost to your cookie production.

In fact, each wrinkler that you click on will give you an extra 20% cookie production for the next 10 minutes! That’s a huge increase that can really help you rack up the cookies. Secondly, clicking on wrinklers also fills up your luck meter faster.

Once your luck meter is full, it’ll start giving you random boosts to your cookie production (up to +25%). So if you want to get lucky and get some extra cookies, clicking on those wrinklers is the way to go. Finally, once all of your wrinklers have been clicked on, they’ll disappear and leave behind a pile of sugar lumps.

These sugar lumps can be used to buy special upgrades that further increase your cookie production. So not only do wrinkles give you an immediate boost, but they also provide long-term benefits as well! In conclusion, there are lots of good reasons to click on those pesky wrinkles.

They’ll give you a big boost to your cookie production, help fill up your luck meter faster, and leave behind sugar lumps that can be used for special upgrades. So don’t hesitate – start clicking away!

Should I Start the Grandmapocalypse?

There’s no easy answer to whether or not you should start the Grandmapocalypse in Don’t Starve Together. On one hand, it will make things more difficult – both for you and your fellow survivors. Things will get a lot more dangerous, with new enemies appearing and old ones becoming harder to kill.

On the other hand, it also opens up new opportunities and rewards. You’ll be able to find rare items and unlock powerful characters. So ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether or not starting the Grandmapocalypse is worth it.

What Do Shiny Wrinklers Do in Cookie Clicker?

In Cookie Clicker, Wrinklers are special creatures that appear when the player has been idle for a while. They attach themselves to the cookies on the screen and start sucking out some of the cookie’s butter. This increases the amount of cookies the player produces per second, but it also decreases the overall cookie production by a small amount.

However, if the player clicks on a Wrinkler, it will pop and release all of the butter it has stolen, giving the player a boost in production. There are three different types of Wrinklers: red, blue, and green. Red Wrinklers produce more butter than blue or green Wrinklers, but they also take longer to pop.

Blue and green Wrinklers both have a chance to drop items when they pop. These items can be used to increase cookie production or provide other benefits.

What is the Scary Stuff in Cookie Clicker?

In Cookie Clicker, the “scary stuff” refers to the dark theme and some of the creepier images that appear when certain game mechanics are triggered. For example, when you first start the game, a message appears saying “You have been visited by the cookie monster!” This is accompanied by a picture of a grinning, green-eyed creature with large teeth.

While this may not be particularly scary to some players, others may find it unsettling. Other examples of creepy images in Cookie Clicker include the “nightmare cookies” that appear when you haven’t played for a while, and the “shadow achievement” which is unlocked after baking 1 million cookies in a single session. Some players have also noted that the music becomes more sinister-sounding as you progress through the game.

So why does Cookie Clicker contain these dark elements? It’s likely that they’re meant to add an element of suspense and excitement to the gameplay. After all, what’s more motivating than trying to avoid being eaten by a giant cookie monster?

Whatever the reason, these scary elements certainly make Cookie Clicker an interesting and unique game.

What are Wrinklers in Cookie Clicker

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How Do You Get Wrinklers in Cookie Clicker

In the game Cookie Clicker, Wrinklers are rare creatures that can be found randomly while clicking the cookie. When they are first found, they will be asleep. Once they are clicked on, they will awake and start to help you collect cookies.

The more wrinklers you have, the more cookies you will get! There are a few ways to get more of these helpful creatures: 1) Click on them whenever you see them!

The more you click, the higher your chance of finding one. 2) Use the “Cheese” upgrade in the store. This increases your chance of finding a Wrinkler by 10%.

3) Use the “Ranch” upgrade in the store. This increases your chance of finding a Wrinkler by 20%. 4) Get lucky!

SometimesWrinklers just show up out of nowhere. If you’re lucky enough, you might find one without even trying!

Are Wrinklers Good in Cookie Clicker

Wrinklers are one of the best things in Cookie Clicker. They appear when you have been inactive for a while, and can be clicked on for bonus cookies. The longer you leave them, the more cookies they give.

When you click on a wrinkler, it will disappear and give you a bonus of 5% of your total cookie bank. This is why it’s always good to have at least one wrinkler around, because they essentially act as a freebie – giving you extra cookies without having to do anything! There are also two other benefits to having wrinklers.

First, if you have any Prestige upgrades that increase cookie production, those bonuses will also apply to the cookies given by wrinklers. So if you have a +50% Prestige bonus, each wrinkler will give you 7.5% of your total cookie bank instead of just 5%. Second, whenwrinklers “die” (which happens after 24 hours), they drop an item called “Wormhole Powder”.

This can be used to upgrade your portal (a special building that gives permanent bonuses), and is essential for getting some of the best items in the game.

What Do Wrinklers Do in Cookie Clicker

In Cookie Clicker, Wrinklers are special creatures that appear during long play sessions. They attach themselves to the cookies you have and feed on them, slowly but surely. However, they also provide a bonus while they’re attached; every time you click a cookie while at least one wrinkler is attached, you’ll get double cookies!

When you first see a wrinkler, it’s just a small black dot. However, if you let it stay attached for long enough, it will eventually grow and swell until it’s about half the size of your screen! At this point, it will stop providing any bonus and will just be munching away at your cookies.

If you want to get rid of a wrinkler, you can simply click on it and then click the ‘send away’ button that appears. This will cause the wrinkler to detach itself and disappear off-screen. It will take some time for another one to appear again though, so don’t expect them to be around all the time.

Overall, wrinklers are a fun addition to Cookie Clicker that can help boost your cookie production – just make sure to get rid of them before they start eating too many of your hard-earned cookies!


In “Cookie Clicker,” Wrinklers are special creatures that appear during long play sessions. When clicked, they give you extra cookies. They eventually go away on their own, but can be removed sooner by clicking on the “Suck” button.

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