Levain Cookies Calories


There’s no doubt about it, Levain Cookies are delicious. But, have you ever stopped to think about how many calories are in one of these cookies? The answer may surprise you.

A single Levain Cookie can have anywhere from 200-250 calories. That’s a lot of calories for such a small cookie! So, if you’re watching your calorie intake, you may want to steer clear of these tasty treats.

If you are a fan of soft and chewy cookies, then you will love Levain cookies! These gourmet cookies are made with high-quality ingredients and have a unique flavor that is sure to please your taste buds. While they may be slightly higher in calories than your average cookie, they are definitely worth the splurge.

Each Levain cookie is packed with chocolate chips, nuts, and other delicious mix-ins. This makes them perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth while also providing some protein and healthy fats. One cookie clocks in at around 200 calories, so if you are watching your waistline, you may want to savor each bite.

Despite their rich flavor and decadent ingredients, Levain cookies are actually pretty simple to make at home. With just a few basic pantry staples, you can whip up a batch of these tasty treats in no time. So next time your sweet tooth strikes, reach for a Levain cookie – your taste buds will thank you!

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How Many Calories are in a Double Chocolate Levain Cookie?

A double chocolate Levain cookie contains about 280 calories.

How Many Calories are in a Levain Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie?

A Levain chocolate chip walnut cookie contains approximately 210 calories.

How Many Calories in a Levain Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie?

A Levain chocolate peanut butter cookie contains approximately 220 calories. The specific calorie content may vary slightly depending on the size of the cookie and the exact ingredients used. However, in general, a Levain chocolate peanut butter cookie is a relatively high calorie treat.

If you are watching your calorie intake or trying to lose weight, you may want to avoid eating Levain cookies or limit yourself to just one per day. There are many other delicious and healthier snacks available that can help you reach your goals without sacrificing taste.

How Many Calories are in a Levain Oatmeal Raisin Cookie?

There are approximately 210 calories in a Levain oatmeal raisin cookie. This number will vary depending on the exact recipe and ingredients used, but this is a general estimate. The majority of the calories in this cookie come from the carbohydrates, with around 120 calories coming from sugar alone.

There is also a good amount of fat in these cookies, with around 100 calories coming from fat.

Levain Cookies Calories

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Levain Cookies Nutrition Facts

Most people are familiar with the term “Levain Cookies”, but many don’t know that these cookies have some very interesting nutritional facts. For example, did you know that Levain Cookies are: -High in fiber

-A good source of protein -Low in sugar -Gluten free

If you’re looking for a nutritious and delicious cookie, look no further than the Levain Cookie!

Levain Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Calories

There are a few things in life that are universally loved, and one of those things is cookies. Chocolate chip cookies, to be specific. And while there are many different ways to make them, there’s one recipe that stands out from the rest: the Levain Double Chocolate Chip Cookie.

This cookie is big, gooey, and packed with chocolate chips. And at 320 calories per cookie, it’s not exactly light on the calorie front either. But trust us when we say that these cookies are worth every single calorie.

The key to the Levain Double Chocolate Chip Cookie’s deliciousness is in its ingredients. The dough is made with both dark and milk chocolate chips, as well as brown sugar and butter. This gives the cookies a deep chocolate flavor that is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the sugar and butter.

And because they’re baked in small batches, each cookie comes out hot and fresh from the oven – making them even more irresistible. So if you’re looking for a truly decadent treat, look no further than the Levain Double Chocolate Chip Cookie. Just be sure to save room for dinner afterwards!

How Many Calories in a Levain Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

A levain oatmeal raisin cookie from Levain Bakery has 140 calories. This particular cookie is made with whole wheat flour, rolled oats, dark brown sugar, butter, eggs, and raisins. There are 14 grams of sugar and 6 grams of fat in this cookie.

If you are looking for a healthier option, you can try the almond or cranberry version of this cookie which has 120 calories.


If you’re looking for a delicious and indulgent treat, look no further than Levain Cookies. These cookies are made with high-quality ingredients and have a rich, buttery flavor that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. And at only 190 calories per cookie, they’re a guilt-free indulgence!

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