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In the United States, there is a growing trend of private prisons. These are for-profit companies that contract with state and federal governments to house inmates. The Cook County Department of Corrections in Illinois is one of the largest users of private prisons, contracting with three different facilities.

Judge Vega has been a vocal opponent of this practice, saying that it leads to poor conditions and treatment of inmates. In recent years, there have been several lawsuits filed against the Cook County Department of Corrections alleging abuse and mistreatment at these privately-run facilities. In one case, an inmate was awarded $1 million after she was raped by a guard at a privately-run prison.

Judge Vega has said that these lawsuits are proof that private prisons are not properly regulating their employees or providing adequate care for inmates.

There is no one more qualified than Judge Vega to serve as a Cook County Judge. She has been a judge for over 20 years and has presided over some of the most high-profile cases in recent memory. Her experience and wisdom are unmatched, and she has a proven track record of fairness and justice.

I know that she will be an excellent addition to the Cook County bench, and I urge you to vote for her on November 6th.

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Judge Vega Cook County

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Who is the Current Cook County Judge?

The current judge of the Cook County Circuit Court is Timothy C. Evans. He was first elected in November 2000 and took office in December of that year. Judge Evans has been a resident of Chicago for over 50 years.

Prior to his election, he served as an Associate Judge on the Circuit Court from 1992-2000.

How Many Judges are in the Cook County Circuit Court?

There are 97 judges in the Cook County Circuit Court. This court is one of the largest unified court systems in the United States. The circuit court has general jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases in Cook County, Illinois.

How Do You Become a Judge in Illinois?

In Illinois, one must be a licensed attorney in order to become a judge. There are three ways to become a licensed attorney in Illinois: 1) Complete an accredited law degree program and pass the Illinois Bar Exam;

2) Be admitted to practice law in another state and then complete an accredited law degree program or pass the Illinois Bar Exam; or 3) Complete an unaccredited law degree program, pass the Attorney Registration Examination, and complete two years of legal practice under the supervision of a licensed Illinois attorney. Once you are licensed to practice law in Illinois, you can then begin campaigning for a judgeship.

In order to be elected as a circuit court judge in Illinois, you must first be nominated by your political party. To be nominated, you must file petitions with signatures from voters within your judicial district. Once you have been nominated, you will appear on the ballot during the next election cycle.

If you are elected, you will take office on January 1st of the year following your election and serve for a six-year term.

Is Cook County Court Virtual?

Yes, the Cook County court is virtual. The court has been using the Odyssey case management system since 2013 to make all of its services available online. This includes filing documents, paying fees and scheduling hearings.

The court also offers an e-service called eFileIL, which allows attorneys to file documents electronically.


On Monday, Judge Vega of the Cook County Juvenile Court handed down a decision in a case that will have far-reaching implications for the way the State’s Attorney’s Office handles cases involving young defendants. In People v. D.H., the court found that the State had failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was guilty of first-degree murder. The case revolves around the shooting death of 15-year-old Javon Wilson, which occurred on October 13, 2015.

The defendant, D.H., was 16 years old at the time of the incident. He was charged as an adult and faced a mandatory sentence of life in prison if convicted. Judge Vega’s ruling hinged on two key pieces of evidence: a videotaped confession and a statement from an eyewitness.

The court found that both pieces of evidence were “highly suspect” and did not meet the burden of proof required for a conviction. The ruling is significant because it calls into question the reliability of confessions obtained by police from juvenile suspects. It also raises doubts about whether prosecutors are correctly charging juveniles in adult court.

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