How to Upgrade Cookie Castle to Level 2


In the game Cookie Castle, players must upgrade their castle to progress. The first upgrade is from level 1 to 2. This can be done by clicking on the “upgrade” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

After clicking this, a menu will appear with the options for what can be upgraded. The player must choose one of these options and then pay the necessary amount of cookies. Once this is done, the player’s castle will be upgraded to level 2.

How To Upgrade Cookie Castle in Cookie Run Kingdom

  • To upgrade Cookie Castle to Level 2, players must first have at least 1,000 cookies
  • Once they have the required amount of cookies, they can click on the “Upgrade” button located in the Cookie Castle menu
  • Upon clicking said button, a prompt will appear asking players if they are sure they want to spend the cookies needed to upgrade
  • If players confirm that they would like to proceed with the upgrade, their Cookie Castle will be instantly upgraded to Level 2 and the corresponding number of cookies will be deducted from their total amount
  • However, if players cancel or do not have enough cookies for the upgrade, nothing will happen and they will remain at Cookie Castle Level 1

How to Upgrade Cookie Castle to Level 1

Welcome to Cookie Castle! In this game, you are the lord or lady of a small castle made entirely out of cookies. Your goal is to upgrade your castle to level 1 by gathering resources, building structures, and defending against enemy attacks.

To get started, you will need to gather some resources. There are three types of resources in the game: wood, stone, and candy. Wood can be gathered by chopping down trees with your axe.

Stone can be mined from rocks with your pickaxe. Candy can be collected from defeated enemies or purchased from the in-game store. Once you have enough resources, you can start building structures.

The first structure you will need to build is the cookie oven. This structure requires 10 wood and 5 stone. Once built, the cookie oven will allow you to bake cookies which can be used as currency in the game.

The next structure you will need to build is the defenses for your castle. There are two types of defenses: walls and towers. Walls cost 10 wood and 5 stone to build and protect your castle from enemy attacks.

Towers cost 20 wood and 10 stone to build and provide a vantage point for archers to shoot at incoming enemies. Finally, once your cookie oven is built and your defenses are up, you are ready to start upgrading your castle! Upgrading your castle increases its maximum population limit as well as its resource production rate.

To upgrade your castle, simply click on the “Upgrade” button in the main menu. Doing so will prompt you to select an upgrade path: either military or economic focused upgrades .

How to Upgrade Cookie Castle in Cookie Run Kingdom

In Cookie Run Kingdom, there are two ways to upgrade your Cookie Castle – either by spending Gems, or by completing certain tasks. If you choose to spend Gems, simply tap on the “Upgrade” button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and select the desired level. The cost of each upgrade will be displayed, and you can confirm your purchase with a tap on the “Upgrade” button.

If you prefer to complete tasks in order to upgrade your castle, head over to the “Tasks” section by tapping on the corresponding icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. Here, you’ll find a list of all the available upgrades and the requirements for each one. Simply complete the necessary tasks and then head back to your castle to claim your prize!

How to Upgrade Cookie Castle to Level 3

Cookie Castle is a game for iOS and Android devices in which players help a group of CookiePeople rebuild their castle by gathering resources, building structures, and defending against invaders. As the game progresses, the CookiePeople unlock new abilities and upgrades for their castle. To upgrade Cookie Castle to level 3, players must first complete the tutorial levels.

Once the tutorial is complete, players will have access to level 3 upgrades for their castle. These upgrades include new buildings, defensive structures, and production facilities. Players can also purchase these upgrades using in-game currency.

How to Get the Cookie Castle

In “How to Get the Cookie Castle” we will explore how you can get a cookie castle. This will include tips on what resources you need, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to make your own cookie castle. A cookie castle is a great way to show off your baking skills and impress your friends and family.

They are also perfect for parties or other special occasions. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own cookie castle: 1) A large sheet of cardboard or foamboard – this will be the base of your castle

2) Several packages of store-bought cookies – you can use any kind of cookies, but gingerbread cookies work well for this project 3) A tub of white icing – this will be used to “glue” the cookies together 4) Decorations – such as candy stones, gumdrops, or sprinkles (optional)

Here’s how to put it all together: 1) Begin by cutting out a large circular piece from the center of the cardboard or foamboard. This will be the base of yourcookie castle.

If you want, you can cover the base with foil or wrapping paper before proceeding. 2) Next, start assembling the walls of yourcastle by gluing rows of cookies together with the icing. Be sure to staggerthe rows so that they are offset from each other (this will make them morestable).

You can make the walls as tall or short as you like. Just keep inmind that taller walls will require more support. 3) Onceyou have built up the sides of your castle, begin working onthe turrets (cone-shaped towers).

again, glue these togetherwith icing and then stack them on topof the main bodyof the castle. 4) Finally, add any decorations thatyou like – such as candy stones aroundthe base, gumdrops onthe turrets, or sprinkles throughout. Let everything dryfor at least an hour before serving!

How to Build Cookie Castle

Assuming you want a blog post titled “How to Build a Cookie Castle”: A cookie castle is a fun and easy way to show off your baking skills, and impress your friends and family. Here’s how to make one:

You will need: -1 package of sugar cookies (homemade or store bought) -1 can of vanilla frosting

-1 can of chocolate frosting -Assorted candies for decorating (we used M&M’s, sprinkles, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips) -A large plate or platter for assembling the castle

-A small offset spatula or knife for spreading the frosting Instructions: 1. Start by lining up the cookies on the plate or platter, forming the perimeter of the castle walls.

It helps if you have different sizes and shapes of cookies for interest. If using store bought cookies, arrange them so that the flat sides are facing out. If using homemade cookies, flatten each ball slightly before placing on the plate.

2. Next, use the vanilla frosting to “glue” two cookies together at a time, making sure to spread it evenly with the offset spatula or knife. Repeat this process until all the cookies are glued together in pairs. Now you should have a ring of connected cookie pairs around the edge of the plate.

3., 4., 5.(optional): For extra stability (and deliciousness!) you can repeat steps 2 and 3, adding another layer of cookie pairs inside the first ring. We did three layers total, but two would also be fine. Just be sure not to add too many layers or your castle will be top heavy and topple over! 6., 7., 8.(optional): Once all your layers are in place, it’s time to start decorating! Use whatever candies you like – we went with classic M&M’s for our exterior walls since they come in so many colors. Be creative – there are no rules when it comes to building your own candy castle! You could even use graham crackers instead of sugar cookies if you wanted a more rustic look (just be sure to spread some peanut butter “glue” between each pair of graham crackers). Have fun with it and let your inner baker shine through!

How to Upgrade Cookie Castle to Level 2


How Do I Upgrade My Cookie Castle?

Assuming you are referring to the game Cookie Clicker, there is not really an “upgrade” as such. The point of the game is to keep clicking on the cookie to generate more cookies, and then use those cookies to buy upgrades that help you generate even more cookies. There is no end goal or final product, so it is up to the player to decide when they have “upgraded” their cookie castle enough.

How Do I Level Up My Kingdom in Cookie Run?

There are a few ways that you can level up your kingdom in Cookie Run. The first way is by completing quests. Quests will give you experience points as well as rewards such as coins and gems.

You can also level up your kingdom by upgrading buildings. Upgrading buildings will cost coins, but it will increase the experience points that your kingdom earns. Finally, you can level up your kingdom by participating in events.

Events are temporary challenges that usually last for a week or so. Completing these challenges will give you a large amount of experience points and often times event-exclusive rewards.

How Long Does It Take to Upgrade Cookie Castle to Level 11?

The process of upgrading a cookie castle to level 11 can vary depending on how the player goes about it. The most common and straightforward method is to simply purchase the necessary ingredients and then bake the cookies. This will usually take around two hours, though it can be quicker if the player has a lot of friends helping out.

Another way to upgrade a cookie castle is by using cheats or hacks. These can often be found online and will allow the player to bypass some of the requirements for upgrading their castle. However, these methods are not always reliable and can often lead to problems down the line.

As such, it is generally recommended that players stick to the more traditional method of simply purchasing and baking the required cookies.


Assuming you are starting with a level one Cookie Castle, there are four main things that need to be done in order to upgrade it to a level two castle. First, the walls need to be raised higher. Second, the moat needs to be deepened and widened.

Third, the drawbridge needs to be lowered. And fourth, more guards need to be hired. By doing these things, your Cookie Castle will be much better defended against invaders and will look even more imposing than it did before.

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