How to Cook a Grenade in Pubg Xbox


If you’re playing Pubg Xbox and find yourself in possession of a grenade, you may be wondering how to cook it. Cooking a grenade is simple and only takes a few seconds. First, make sure you’re in a safe location away from any buildings or other players.

Then, hold down the left bumper ( LB ) and press the right trigger ( RT ). This will start the cooking process. Cook for 3-4 seconds, then throw the grenade by releasing the left bumper.

The explosion radius is larger than if you had just thrown it without cooking it first, so make sure to take cover!

  • Press the start button on your Xbox controller to open the main menu
  • Scroll down to the “My games & apps” section and select “PUBG
  • Once the game has loaded, press the “Menu” button (the one with three lines) on your controller
  • Select “Inventory,” then scroll over to the grenades section and select the grenade you want to cook
  • Press and hold down the “X” button on your controller until the cooking bar is full
  • Once it’s full, release the button and throw your grenade!

How to Throw Grenade Pubg Xbox

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for Xbox One, there are a few ways to throw your grenades. The first way is by pressing the “Y” button without aiming. This will automatically throw the grenade in front of you.

The second way is by holding down the “Y” button, which will bring up an arc that shows where your grenade will land. You can then aim this arc and release the “Y” button to throw the grenade. The third way is by double tapping the “Y” button, which will make your character do a quick underhand toss.

If you want to cook your grenade before throwing it, press and hold down the “LT” trigger until desired time has been reached then release to throw (0.5-3 seconds).

Pubg How to Cook a Grenade Pc

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, there are a few ways to cook a grenade. The most common way is to use the left mouse button and hold it down. Doing this will automatically cook the grenade for the amount of time shown on the screen.

Another way to cook a grenade is by using the right mouse button and selecting “Cook Grenade.” This will also cook the grenade for the amount of time shown on screen. Finally, players can also double tap the left mouse button to cook a grenade instantly.

Pubg Grenade Cook Time Settings

Pubg grenade cook time settings can be a bit confusing. The game provides four different options for how long it takes to cook a grenade: one second, two seconds, three seconds, or four seconds. However, these aren’t the only options – there are actually eight different settings!

To change your Pubg grenade cook time setting, simply go into the “Settings” menu and scroll down to the “Gameplay” section. From there, you can select your desired cook time. One second may not seem like much time, but it can make a big difference when trying to throw grenades in close quarters combat.

Two seconds gives you a little more time to lob the grenade further away from you, while three and four seconds allow you to really get some distance between you and the explosion. Ultimately, it’s up to player preference as to which setting is best. Do keep in mind that changing your Pubg grenade cook time will also affect how quickly the fuse burns down once the pin has been pulled.

So if you’re looking for a longer fuse, be sure to set your cook time accordingly!

How to Cook a Grenade in Pubg Ps4

One of the most popular ways to cook a grenade in PUBG PS4 is by using the pressure cooker. This will allow you to cook your grenade without having to worry about it exploding in your face. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to cook a grenade using the pressure cooker:

1) Place the pressure cooker on a heat resistant surface. 2) Place the grenade inside the pressure cooker. 3) Seal the lid of the pressure cooker.

4) Cook for 3 minutes at 15 PSI. 5) Release the pressure from the cooker and open it up carefully. Your cooked grenade will now be safe to use!

Pubg Mobile Grenade Settings

Grenade settings are an important part of any PUBG Mobile game and can be the difference between winning and losing. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different types of grenades available in PUBG Mobile and how to configure them for maximum effect. There are four types of grenades available in PUBG Mobile: frag, stun, smoke, and Molotov.

Each has its own unique purpose and can be used to great effect if used correctly. Let’s take a look at each type of grenade and how best to use them. Frag Grenades: Frag grenades are the bread and butter of any grenade user’s arsenal.

They’re designed to kill or seriously injure enemies and can be very effective when used correctly. When throwing a frag grenade, it’s important to remember that they have a small blast radius so you’ll need to be close to your target for maximum effect. It’s also worth noting that frag grenades will bounce off surfaces so you’ll need to account for that when aiming.

Stun Grenades: Stun grenades are designed to disorient and confuse enemies while also temporarily blinding them. They’re perfect for creating opportunities to get the jump on unsuspecting foes or for making a quick escape. When using stun grenades, it’s important not throw them directly at enemy players as they will often see them coming and dodge out of the way.

Instead, try bouncing them off walls or floors near your target so they won’t see them until it’s too late. Smoke Grenades: Smoke grenades are perfect for providing cover fire while your team advances or retreats from combat. They can also be used to block line of sight so enemies can’t spot you easily .

When using smoke grenades ,it’s important not stay in one place for too long as enemy players may eventually find their way around the smoke cloud .It’s also worth noting that some guns (like sniper rifles) can still shoot through smoke so beware of attackers lurking on the other side . 使用煙霧彈的時候,請勿在一個地方待太久,因為敵人最終可能會找到他們的方式穿過煙雲。

How to Cook a Grenade in Pubg Xbox


How Do You Cook a Grenade in Pubg Ps4?

If you’re looking to cook a grenade in PUBG for PS4, the process is actually quite simple. All you need to do is hold down the L1 button while you have a grenade selected in your inventory. This will bring up the cooking options menu, from which you can select how long you want to cook the grenade for.

Cook times range from two seconds all the way up to eight seconds, so make sure you choose wisely depending on the situation!

What is Cook in Pubg?

In PUBG, “cooking” refers to the process of throwing a grenade. By “cooking” a grenade, you allow the fuse to burn for a shorter amount of time before it explodes. This gives you more control over when and where the grenade will explode.

There are two main benefits to cooking grenades in PUBG. First, it allows you to throw the grenade further since it will have less time to detonate. Second, it allows you to time the explosion better so that you can maximize damage to your opponents while minimizing your own risk.

To cook a grenade in PUBG, simply hold down the fire button while you have a grenade equipped. The longer you hold down the button, the shorter the fuse will be on the grenade when it is thrown. Keep in mind that if you don’t throw the grenade within a few seconds of cooking it, it will explode in your hand!

How Long Do Grenades Cook for in Pubg?

Grenades in PUBG have a cook time of 3-4 seconds. This means that after you pull the pin, it will take 3-4 seconds for the grenade to detonate. The exception to this is the frag grenade, which has a cook time of 2 seconds.

How Do You Throw a Grenade in a Pubg Controller?

If you’re playing PUBG on a controller, there’s a specific button combination you’ll need to use in order to throw a grenade. Pressing the left bumper and trigger at the same time will bring up your grenade-throwing arc, and from there you can adjust the angle and power of your throw using the right joystick. Once you’ve got your target in sight, release the left bumper to hurl your grenade.


In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, there are a variety of different weapons that players can use to try and take down their opponents. One of the more unique weapons in the game is the grenade, which can be used in a variety of ways to deal damage. While grenades can be tricky to master, they can be incredibly powerful if used correctly.

In this post, we’ll give you some tips on how to cook a grenade properly in PUBG Xbox so that you can make the most out of this explosive weapon. First, it’s important to note that there are two types of grenades in PUBG Xbox – frag grenades and stun grenades. Frag grenades will do damage to any player caught within its blast radius, while stun grenades will temporarily blind and disorient anyone caught within range.

When cooking a grenade, you’ll want to hold down the throw button for a few seconds before throwing it. This will allow the fuse on the grenade to burn down slightly, making it explode sooner after impact. If you’re using a frag grenade, then you’ll want to aim for an area where you think your opponents will be congregating.

Cooked frag grenades have a much shorter fuse than regular ones, so timing is crucial when using them. Try and lob the grenade over cover or into doorways and windows so that it detonates as close to your enemies as possible. Stun grenades are best used when trying to flush out campers or when entering into close-quarters combat situations.

The bright flash and loud bang from a stun grenade can disorient even the most seasoned players, giving you an opportunity to get some easy kills.

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