How to Change Your Server on Cookie Run Kingdom


Cookie Run Kingdom is a game for mobile devices that allows users to control characters in a virtual world. The game offers different servers for players to choose from, each with its own set of rules and regulations. Players can change their server by logging into the game’s main menu and selecting the “Change Server” option.

When prompted, they will need to select the server they wish to play on and confirm the change.

Cookie Run Kingdom: How To Reroll [No redownloading]

  • Download the Cookie Run Kingdom app on your mobile device
  • Launch the app and sign in with your account credentials
  • Tap on the settings icon in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Select the “Change Server” option from the menu that appears
  • Choose the server you wish to play on from the list of available servers
  • Confirm your selection and tap on the “Change Server” button to finalize the process

Can You Add Friends from Different Servers in Cookie Run Kingdom

In Cookie Run Kingdom, you can add friends from different servers! This is a great way to stay connected with your friends who play on other servers, as well as make new friends from all over the world. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Tap on the “Friends” icon in the bottom menu. 2. Tap on the “Add Friend” button in the top right corner. 3. Enter your friend’s username or ID and tap “Search”.

4. Select your friend from the search results and tap “Add”. 5. Your friend will now appear in your list of friends!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Which Server is Better

There are two servers in Cookie Run: Kingdom- the North American server and the European server. Both servers have their pros and cons, so it really depends on what you’re looking for in a server as to which one is better. Here’s a breakdown of each server:

North American Server: – Pros: Lower ping for players in North America, more stable connection overall. – Cons: Fewer players online during peak hours, slightly higher prices for in-game items.

How to Check What Server You are on Cookie Run Kingdom

If you’re playing Cookie Run: Kingdom and want to know which server you’re on, there are a few ways to check. First, when you first log in to the game, your server will be displayed in the top-left corner of the screen. Second, you can check by going to the Settings menu and looking under Account Info – your server will be listed here as well.

Lastly, if you tap on your profile picture in the top-right corner of the game screen, a pop-up window will appear with your account information – including your server number.

Cookie Run Kingdom Which Server Reddit

Cookie Run Kingdom is a mobile game developed by Devsisters. The game was released on October 28, 2019, and is available for iOS and Android devices. The objective of the game is to help the Cookie characters escape from the clutches of the Evil Witch while collecting as many cookies as possible.

The game has been well-received by both critics and players, with an average rating of 4.5 stars on App Store and 4 stars on Google Play. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its unique gameplay mechanics which require players to strategize in order to progress. Another selling point is the charming visuals and art style which give the game a light-hearted and fun vibe.

If you’re looking for tips or advice on how to get ahead in Cookie Run Kingdom, be sure to check out our dedicated server on Reddit! Our community of experienced players are always happy to help out newbies with tips, tricks, and strategies. So what are you waiting for?

Come join us today!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Servers Difference

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a game for mobile devices that is published by Devsisters. The game is free to play, but there are in-app purchases available. There are two server options for the game: Global and Korea.

The main difference between the servers is the language that is used in the game. On the Global server, the game is played in English. On the Korea server, the game is played in Korean.

Another difference between the servers is the availability of certain features. For example, on the Global server, players can purchase items with real money through in-app purchases. However, on the Korea server, players cannot make any in-app purchases and must earn virtual currency through gameplay.

Finally, there are also differences in terms of gameplay between the two servers. For example, on the Global server, players can battle against each other in PvP mode. However, on the Korea server, this feature is not available and players can only battle against computer-controlled opponents.

How to Change Your Server on Cookie Run Kingdom


Are There Different Servers in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Yes, there are four different servers in Cookie Run: Kingdom. They are the North American server, the European server, the Korean server, and the Chinese server. Each server has its own set of rules and regulations, so be sure to check with your local game provider before playing on a specific server.

How Do I Change My Cookie Run: Kingdom Account?

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a mobile game that allows players to bake and collect cookies while adventuring through different kingdoms. There are many ways to change your account in Cookie Run: Kingdom. You can create a new account, delete your current account, or transfer your account to another device.

Creating a new account is the best way to change your Cookie Run: Kingdom account. To create a new account, simply uninstall the game from your device and then reinstall it. When you launch the game, you will be given the option to create a new account.

Tap on the “Create New Account” button and follow the prompts. Deleting your current Cookie Run: Kingdom account is also an option, but it should only be done if you no longer want to play the game. To delete your account, go to the “Settings” menu within the game and scroll down to find the “Delete Account” option.

Tap on this option and confirm that you want to delete your account. Please note that this action cannot be undone! The last option for changing your Cookie Run: Kingdom account is transferring it to another device.

This can be done by going into the “Settings” menu within the game and selecting the “Transfer Account” option. Follow the prompts to enter your email address and then tap on the “Send Transfer Link” button. An email with further instructions will be sent to you – simply follow these instructions on your other device to complete the transfer process!

Which Server is Better Hollyberry Or Pure Vanilla?

There are a lot of different types of servers out there and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. In this post, we’ll be comparing Hollyberry and Pure Vanilla servers to help you make a decision. Hollyberry servers are known for their great support and wide range of features.

They offer both vanilla and modded Minecraft options, as well as a variety of other game modes. If you’re looking for a server with lots of options and good support, Hollyberry is a great choice. Pure Vanilla servers are exactly what they sound like – pure, unadulterated Minecraft.

There are no mods or extra features, just the game in its original state. Some people prefer this because it’s more challenging or they enjoy the simplicity. If you’re looking for a true Minecraft experience, then a Pure Vanilla server is probably right for you.

What is Hollyberry Server in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Hollyberry server is a private server for the game Cookie Run: Kingdom. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by the game’s developer, Devsisters. Players can connect to Hollyberry server using a third-party client such as MEmu player.

Players on Hollyberry server enjoy several benefits over players on the official servers, including increased EXP and drop rates, no energy costs, and access to all game content from the start. However, because it is a private server, there is a much smaller playerbase, which can make finding people to play with more difficult.


In Cookie Run Kingdom, you can change your server by going to the settings menu and selecting the “Change Server” option. You will be prompted to enter a new server name, and then you will be able to select from a list of available servers. Once you have selected a new server, all of your progress will be transferred to that server.

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