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There’s a new cookie in town, and it’s about to change the game. Crumbl Cookies are taking the internet by storm, and for good reason. These cookies are not only delicious, but they’re also low in WW points.

That means you can indulge in your sweet tooth without feeling guilty. And with so many flavors to choose from, there’s a cookie for everyone. Whether you’re craving something chocolatey, fruity, or nutty, Crumbl has you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Crumbl location and try one (or all) of their amazing cookies today!

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Crumbl Cookies are one of the most popular cookies on the market. They have a variety of flavors and are known for their soft, chewy texture. While they may be delicious, they’re not exactly health food.

One cookie has six grams of fat and 140 calories. So, if you’re watching your weight or trying to eat healthy, you might want to avoid Crumbl Cookies.

How Many Servings in a Crumbl Cookie

As you might imagine, the number of servings in a Crumbl cookie depends on the size of the cookie. Our cookies are big… really big. So big, in fact, that one cookie is typically enough for two people to share.

Of course, if you’re looking for a little something sweet and don’t want to share, one cookie is plenty. Here’s a breakdown of how many servings are in each size of our cookies: Regular Cookie: 2 servings

Mega Cookie: 4 servings Giant Cookie: 8 servings As you can see, our cookies are pretty rich and filling, so a little goes a long way.

And because they’re so big, they’re perfect for sharing with friends or family (or enjoying all by yourself).

Why are Crumbl Cookies So High in Calories

Crumbl Cookies are high in calories for a few reasons. First, they’re made with real butter, sugar, and flour – all of which are high in calories. Second, they’re huge!

A single Crumbl Cookie can be over 500 calories. Finally, they’re super rich and delicious, so it’s easy to eat a lot of them in one sitting. If you’re looking to cut back on calories, Crumbl Cookies might not be the best choice.

Crumbl Cookie Calories Per Cookie

There are a lot of people out there who love Crumbl Cookies. And why wouldn’t they? They’re delicious!

But if you’re watching your calorie intake, you might be wondering how many calories are in a Crumbl Cookie. The answer is: it depends on the size of the cookie. Crumbl Cookies come in three sizes: mini, regular, and large.

A mini Crumbl Cookie has 110 calories, a regular Crumbl Cookie has 160 calories, and a large Crumbl Cookie has 210 calories. Of course, the number of calories in a cookie also depends on what kind of cookie it is. For example, a chocolate chip cookie has more calories than a snickerdoodle cookie.

So if you’re looking to save some calories, opt for one of the lighter flavors. At the end of the day, though, a Crumbl Cookie is a treat and should be enjoyed in moderation – no matter what size or flavor you choose!

How Many Calories in a Crumbl Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate chip cookies are always a favorite, and Crumbl makes some of the best around. But how many calories are in one of these delicious cookies? A single Crumbl chocolate chip cookie contains 320 calories.

This may seem like a lot, but remember that these cookies are larger than your average cookie. And they’re also packed with plenty of chocolate chips, which add to the calorie count. If you’re looking to indulge in a Crumbl cookie (or two), just be sure to account for the extra calories in your daily intake.

And enjoy every last bite!

Calories in Crumbl Sugar Cookie

If you’re looking for a delicious and indulgent treat, Crumbl sugar cookies are the way to go. But how many calories are in these tasty treats? Each Crumbl cookie contains around 200 calories.

However, this number can vary slightly depending on the size of the cookie and the flavor you choose. For example, their Birthday Cake flavor has slightly more calories than their Original Sugar Cookie. While 200 calories may not seem like much, it’s important to remember that these cookies are very rich and dense.

A single cookie is often enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. So, if you’re watching your calorie intake, be sure to keep track of how many Crumbl cookies you eat in a day.

Crumbl Cookies Ww Points


How Many Calories is a Whole Crumbl Cookie?

A Crumbl cookie typically contains around 420 calories. However, caloric content may vary slightly depending on the specific flavor of cookie. For example, a Birthday Cake Crumbl cookie contains 430 calories, while a Chocolate Chip Crumbl cookie contains 410 calories.

Overall, you can expect a single Crumbl cookie to contain between 400 and 450 calories.

Do Crumbl Cookies Have a Lot of Sugar?

Crumbl cookies are known for their deliciousness, but many people wonder how much sugar is in each cookie. The answer may surprise you – while Crumbl cookies do have sugar, they actually don’t have as much sugar as you might think. Each Crumbl cookie has about 4 grams of sugar.

That’s less than a teaspoon of sugar per cookie! So if you’re looking for a sweet treat that isn’t loaded with sugar, Crumbl cookies are a great option.

Does Crumbl Have Sugar Free Cookies?

If you’re looking for a delicious, sugar-free cookie option, Crumbl has got you covered! While most of our cookies do contain some sugar, we do have a few recipes that are completely sugar-free. Our Sugar Free Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter cookies are both made with Splenda, and are just as scrumptious as our regular cookies – maybe even more so, because you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging!


If you’re a fan of Crumbl Cookies, you’ll be happy to know that they now offer a WW (Weight Watchers) version of their cookies! These cookies are just as delicious as the original, but with a few less calories and fat. Each cookie is only 4 points on the WW plan, so you can indulge without guilt.

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