Calories in a Levain Cookie


A Levain cookie is a chocolate chip cookie that is made with a dough that has been enriched with both butter and eggs. This results in a cookie that is slightly cake-like in texture, but still moist and chewy. The cookies are then baked at a high temperature so that the outside becomes crisp while the inside remains soft.

A Levain cookie typically contains around 200 calories, making it a relatively indulgent treat.

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If you’re like me, you love Levain cookies. And if you’re also like me, you probably have no idea how many calories are in one of these delicious treats. Well, I did some research and found out that a Levain cookie has about 140 calories.

That’s not too bad, considering how rich and decadent they are. So next time you’re craving a Levain cookie (or two), go ahead and indulge! Just don’t forget to burn off those extra calories afterwards.

Levain Two Chip Cookie Calories

There are many factors to consider when it comes to counting calories in a cookie. The size of the cookie, the type of flour used, the amount of sugar and fat added, and even the baking time can all affect the calorie count. But when it comes to Levain Bakery’s famous chocolate chip cookies, there are only two things that matter: the size of the cookie and the number of chips inside.

A Levain Two Chip Cookie has 120 calories. That’s not too bad for acookie, considering most people probably won’t be able to eat just one. However, if you’re watching your calorie intake, you might want to reconsider indulging in these delicious cookies.

Calories in Levain Cookie Reddit

If you haven’t had a Levain cookie, you’re missing out. These cookies are huge, soft, and gooey – and they’re absolutely delicious. But how many calories are in a Levain cookie?

According to the Levain Bakery website, each cookie contains between 380-430 calories. That’s a lot of calories for one cookie! However, it’s important to remember that these cookies are much larger than your average cookie – so the calorie count is actually not too bad when you consider the size of the treat.

So if you’re looking for a delicious, indulgent treat, be sure to give Levain cookies a try. Just be aware that they pack quite a caloric punch!

How Many Calories in a Levain Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

A levain oatmeal raisin cookie from Levain Bakery in New York City contains approximately 220 calories. The bakery’s website provides detailed nutritional information for all of its products, including cookies. According to the nutritional information, a levain oatmeal raisin cookie has 14 grams of fat, 28 grams of carbohydrates and 4 grams of protein.

Of the 28 grams of carbohydrates, 18 grams are sugar and 10 grams are dietary fiber. The cookie also contains trace amounts of calcium, iron and potassium.

Levain Cookie Calories Peanut Butter

A levain cookie is a type of cookie that is made with flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and baking soda. They are usually round or oval in shape and have a crispy texture. Levain cookies are often filled with chocolate, jam, or cream cheese.

One small levain cookie has approximately 80 calories. If you’re looking for a guilt-free treat, try our Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Levain Cookies! These delicious cookies are only 55 calories each.

Levain Dark Chocolate Cookie Calories

If you love chocolate chip cookies, you’ll definitely want to try Levain’s dark chocolate cookie. This delicious treat is made with rich dark chocolate and contains only 200 calories per cookie. That means you can enjoy a delicious chocolatey treat without guilt!

Levain’s dark chocolate cookie is also packed with protein and fiber, so it will help keep you feeling full and satisfied. And because it’s made with real dark chocolate, it has some health benefits too. Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants and has been shown to improve heart health and cognitive function.

So not only is this cookie delicious, but it’s good for you too!

Calories in a Levain Cookie


How Many Calories are in Levain Bakery Cookies?

There are approximately 560 calories in one Levain Bakery cookie. This number will vary depending on the specific cookie, as some are larger or have more ingredients than others. The bakery uses high-quality ingredients, so the calorie count is likely higher than that of a traditional cookie from another source.

How Many Calories are in a Double Chocolate Chip Levain Cookie?

According to the Levain Bakery website, a double chocolate chip cookie from their bakery contains 660 calories.

How Many Calories are in a Levain Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie?

A Levain chocolate chip walnut cookie contains approximately 210 calories.

How Many Calories are in a Levain Oatmeal Raisin Cookie?

A Levain oatmeal raisin cookie contains approximately 150 calories.


In the blog post, the author discusses the calorie content of Levain cookies. They note that a Levain cookie contains approximately 200 calories, and compares this to other popular cookies on the market. The author also provides some tips for how to reduce the calorie content of a Levain cookie, including using less sugar and butter, and avoiding chocolate chips.

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